How To Get Xbox Gift Card-2023

How are Xbox gift cards used?

After pressing the Start button, type “store” into the search box. To access the app, select Microsoft Store from the list of results. In the top-right corner of the screen, click your account, and then click Redeem code or gift cards. Enter the 25-character code, choose Next, then adhere to the instructions.

Is there a cap on Xbox gifts?

A game cannot be sent as a digital gift.

For each available title, a maximum of two copies may be given as gifts. A total of 10 sale products may only be gifted in any one 14-day period. After this time has passed, try again.

Are Xbox gift cards refundable?

When you redeem the cards, the money is immediately transferred into your account, and it remains there for 90 days until expiring.

Can you use Xbox gift cards on a PC?

Study more. On Xbox consoles and Windows PCs, Xbox gift cards can be redeemed through the Microsoft Store.

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